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March 17, 2009

Effective March 2009 two changes will occur related to utility (water and sewer) accounts:

  1. All accounts are now being billed for service on a monthly basis, and
  2. Final Shutoff Notices will no longer be hand delivered by City staff to customers with delinquent utility accounts.  Final Shutoff Notices will now be mailed to customers.

Notices will now be mailed on yellow postcards addressed to Current Resident and will contain the same format and information as the old notices. 

Please note: accounts that remain unpaid past the cutoff date will have their service shut off by Public Works crews.  The Finance Department now accepts credit cards for utility account payments.

The change to monthly billing will help prepare citizens for implementation of metered billing, the first phase of which is scheduled to begin in 2010, more importantly; it will result in a substantial cost savings to the City of Woodland.