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Learn how your business can save electricity now

So you’re ready for time-of-use rates, starting in fall 2012

June 21, 2012

Beginning November 2012, many Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) small and medium business customers will move to time-of-use electric rates. PG&E's large agricultural and large commercial and industrial customers already underwent a similar transition. This is part of a statewide plan, including other California utilities, to ensure a better energy future and healthier environment.

On time-of-use, rates will be higher during summer weekday afternoons when electric demand is higher, typically noon to 6 p.m., May through October. In return you'll pay lower rates at all other times. This means that when you use energy, is just as important as how much you use.

PG&E is committed to helping business customers understand their energy use, find ways to conserve electricity, and benefit from time-of-use rates. Learn more and sign up for a free webinar by visiting or speak with your local customer service representative Maggie Aguirre, by calling (530) 757-5246.

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