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Police Investigators Acquire CLUE Software

July 15, 2011

This week detectives from the Woodland Police Department implemented a new computer program which will help investigators manage information acquired during large scale investigations. The Los Angeles Police Department has been using the “CLUE” software for several years and the software has proven essential in tracking leads. Large scale investigations such as homicides involve numerous investigators with each investigator interviewing witnesses and following up on leads in the case. It is not unusual for additional information in these types of investigations to come in anonymously over tip lines. Often, the amount of information developed during these investigations can be daunting and connections between tips from witnesses can easily be overlooked. A key part of successfully investigating and prosecuting a large case is following up on every lead.

Woodland Police Detectives recently attended an advanced homicide training course hosted by Sacramento State University and the “CLUE” software was provided to those in attendance. “CLUE” allows investigators to log pertinent information and each “clue” is assigned a priority level. The software links similar clues and the clues can be assigned to investigators and tracked to prevent duplication of effort and to ensure no clue is overlooked. The program allows investigators to see how many clues are assigned, unassigned, and cleared. Investigators believe the “CLUE” software will be a great asset monitoring information as our large scale investigations progress.