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Graffiti Removal

January 7, 2011

The City's graffiti abatement program is administered by the police department.  Over the past several months graffiti tagging has increased as evidenced by the graffiti seen on sound walls, local businesses, electrical and phone boxes etc. and this has a dramatic impact on the quality of life for our community.  However, the amount of graffiti reported to the Police department remains consistently low.  In an attempt to improve the timeliness of graffiti removal, the Police department simplified the process for reporting the locations of graffiti as long as the act of vandalism is not in progress. The location of graffiti can be easily reported by sending an email to .  It is important that the email be as specific as possible to the exact location of the graffiti i.e. “graffiti on the fire hydrant on the northwest corner of Cross Street and First Street” or “graffiti on the freeway side of the overpass on E. Gum Ave. at State Rte 113”, as well as include the date the graffiti was seen.