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Have a Question? Ask Your Librarian Online

December 1, 2010

Have a question?  Ask your librarian online. 

Residents of Woodland can now receive assistance from reference librarians at the Woodland Public Library even if they cannot visit the library in person. And librarians are available anytime of the day or night. 

Anyone who needs help finding information may submit questions through a link on the library’s website. Patrons can choose to ask a question through e-mail or they can “chat” live with a librarian for a synchronous digital reference experience. 

The library’s new reference service over the Web is in addition to the more traditional modes of phone or in-person requests for information. Questions are answered by staff at the Woodland Public Library or by any librarian participating in our worldwide network of reference librarians. The web reference service spans all hours of the day or night, whether or not the physical library is open. In fact, the library is never closed to people who need information – they just enter through a different door. 

The Woodland Public Library provides this reference service through the QuestionPoint service, developed by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, the Library of Congress and the 24/7 Reference Cooperative. In addition to providing access to librarians 24 hours a day, the service also includes a global network of cooperating libraries that work together to provide authoritative answers to reference questions. If staff members at the Woodland Public Library are unable or unavailable to answer a question, it can be sent to experts at another library, even if those experts are across the country or around the world. 

To use the service, simply visit the Library’s website at and select “Ask A Librarian” or go directly to the Ask A Librarian page at