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Woodland Business Walk

February 5, 2010

A very successful Woodland Business Walk occurred on Thursday, February 4 in fourteen business areas throughout the City. This event was organized by Economic Development Manager Wendy Ross in collaboration with the Woodland Area Chamber of Commerce, Yolo County and Sacramento Metro Chamber. Community sponsors included the Woodland Daily Democrat (media services), Nugget Market (coffee, pastries and fruit) and Cracchiolo’s Delo (lunch).

The Woodland Business Walk harnessed the energy and volunteer commitment of over 40 community, local Chamber and Metro Chamber individuals who divided into teams of 2 and 3 person teams and visited 200 businesses from 9AM-12Noon. Following the business visits, the teams returned to the Community & Senior Center where the Metro Chamber held a debrief working lunch and each team captain provided an overview of the responses they received. The overview was intended to identify issues and trends common to the businesses visited by all teams.