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Notice of Vacancies to the Water Utility Advisory Committee

October 18, 2016

The WUAC is an advisory committee to the Council with the following purpose:

  • Increase public participation in the functions of City government
  • Act as form of public input and feedback on issues related to current and planned water system improvements
  • Advise the City on potential challenges and opportunities related to future utility rate increases
  • Promote communitywide education and awareness of water system issues and projects including water quality, supply, infrastructure and financing
  • Promote communitywide education and awareness regarding wastewater quality compliance, infrastructure and financing as well as storm drainage operations, infrastructure, compliance and financing.

The Committee will provide recommendations to Council after review of facts and key information pertaining to the City’s utility systems and infrastructure as required in the rate setting process. Solicitation of community feedback on utility-related decisions is encouraged.  The Committee will assist with community outreach and education related to the utility systems.  The Committee shall review other utility system issues as directed by the City Council. Applications may be obtained from the City website at or by contacting the City Clerk at (530) 661-5806.