Sec. 24A-3-90. Planning commission and city council consideration of specific plan.

(a) The planning commission shall review all proposed specific plans or any amendments to adopted specific plans. Upon the close of the required public hearing, the commission shall make a recommendation to the city council on whether to adopt, reject or modify the proposed specific plan or amendments.
(b) The city council shall review the planning commission's recommendation. Upon the close of the required public hearing, the city council shall act by resolution to adopt, reject or modify said specific plan or proposed amendment.
(c) If the city council, prior to approval of the specific plan, desires changes or modifies a major or significant portion of a proposed specific plan recommended by the planning commission, then such substantial changes and/or modifications must first be referred back to the planning commission for consideration, unless the planning commission considered similar changes and/or modifications as part of its deliberation. (Ord. No. 1295, (part).)