Sec. 24A-3-50. Preparation.

Prior to the actual preparation of the plan or other technical studies, the applicant shall meet with appropriate city staff and/or the TAC to review assumptions, methodology, data and information resources, time frame and scope of work. These items shall be prepared to the satisfaction of the community development director. The specific plan and accompanying technical documents and studies may be prepared by the project applicant or applicant's representative. The specific plan, and related technical documents are, however, subject to the review and approval of the city. The community development director has the authority to require revisions to technical information deemed inadequate. In the event that consensus between the applicant and the city is not reached, the community development director may require that alternatives to the plan be prepared and submitted for review. These alternatives may be required in order to meet policies of the general plan. (Ord. No. 1295, (part).)