Sec. 24A-3-10. Application.

The application for a specific plan shall include a formal application form with accompanying diagrams and other pertinent information regarding proposed amendments to appropriate plans or proposals to amend zoning regulations. These diagrams and other information may consist of conceptual land use diagrams and objectives describing the proposed intent of urbanization. At a minimum, the specific plan should contain text and diagrams as specified in Government Code Section 65451. Due to the significant role an adopted specific plan plays in the implementation of the general plan, project applicants should seek guidance from the community development department prior to submitting an application for a specific plan. Such guidance regarding the relevant general plan goals, policy, land use, and implementation programs may be provided through pre-application conferences, written material, study sessions or other appropriate means. Specific plans shall identify and include all detailed regulations, conditions, programs and proposed legislation which shall be necessary for the systematic implementation of the general plan. (Ord. No. 1295, (part).)