Sec. 24A-2-60. Consideration by city council.

The petition and staff report shall be scheduled as an item on the agenda of a regularly scheduled city council meeting. The city council may act to deny said petition or accept the petition directing that the petitioner and the city prepare a specific plan for the area as proposed by the petitioner, or as recommended in the staff report prepared by the community development department, or as the city council may otherwise determine. If the city council accepts said petition, the council shall adopt a resolution initiating the specific plan process, direct the formation of a technical advisory committee, and consider formation of a citizens advisory committee. Upon scheduling the petition at a meeting of the city council, the community development department shall conduct an initial notification of this hearing. This notification shall be sent to all property owners within the specific plan area, as well as those within three hundred feet of the specific plan boundaries. (Ord. No. 1295, (part).)