Sec. 24A-2-20. Request for specific plan process.

Request for preparation of a specific plan may be made by private parties or by the city.
(a) City. In the case of a city initiated and prepared specific plan, the city shall prepare a staff report to the city council addressing subsections (1) through (7) in subsection 24A-2-20(b) of this article.
(b) Private Parties. Private parties wishing to use a specific plan to implement general plan policy shall petition the city requesting permission to prepare a specific plan for their project. The petitioner shall file a “Request to Prepare a Specific Plan” with the city community development department and shall pay the appropriate fees for staff time to review the request. The petitioner is not required to own or otherwise control the majority of the property requested to be included within the specific plan area.
Said petition shall include the following:
(1) A description of the proposed project;
(2) A vicinity map drawn to scale showing (A) all of the land designated for residential development in the 1996 general plan, and (B) the location of the proposed specific plan area within the area described in (A);
(3) A location map drawn to scale showing the property lines within three hundred feet of the subject property;
(4) Mailing labels with the names and addresses of property owners and assessor parcel numbers for the properties shown on the location map, listed from the latest assessor's roll, as well as those properties located within three hundred feet of the project boundaries;
(5) The existing land use and planned land use designation for the properties shown on the map;
(6) A statement of the relationship of the specific plan to the city general plan, with particular attention to Policies 1.C.3 and 1.C.4 of the general plan;
(7) Any additional information required by the community development director to show the need or desirability of utilizing the specific plan process. (Ord. No. 1295, (part).)