Sec. 24A-1-30. Intent.

Pursuant to state law, after the city council has adopted a general plan, the community development department may, or if so directed by the city council shall, prepare specific plans for the systematic implementation of the general plan for all or part of the area covered by the general plan. Specific plans shall be utilized to implement the policy and intent of the general plan and shall not be used to circumvent the general plan process in which general development policy is determined. The preparation and processing of specific plans shall be a collaborative effort. As such, city, applicant and the other agencies shall strive to create a plan that conforms to the general plan goals and policies.
This chapter is intended to apply to areas designated “planned neighborhood” in the general plan. As an integral part of the specific plan process set forth in this chapter, applicants shall comply with all infrastructure master plans adopted or being considered by the city pursuant to the general plan, including but not limited to water, sewer, storm drainage, traffic and parks.
In the event there is a discrepancy between standards adopted within a specific plan and comparable regulations of the city zoning ordinance, the standards and regulations made part of the specific plan shall prevail. (Ord. No. 1295, (part).)