Sec. 24-1-10. Goals and objectives.

The goals and objectives of this chapter are:
(1) To obtain the most efficient possible use of existing and future transportation facilities and to reduce vehicle trips and vehicle miles traveled for work trips.
(2) To reduce traffic-related air pollution, noise, and fuel use from the levels that would otherwise occur within the city.
(3) To work through employers with twenty-five or more employees to provide employees with information on commute alternatives.
(4) To implement, at all employer worksites with one hundred or more employees, a trip reduction plan to achieve expanded use of commute alternatives and to monitor the effectiveness of these programs.
(5) To achieve by 1999 an annual average vehicle ridership (AVR) of 1.5 persons per motor vehicle at all worksites with one hundred or more employees. Within the seven year period, the following interim AVR goals are established:
(A) 1993, 1.05 AVR;
(B) 1995, 1.20 AVR;
(C) 1997, 1.35 AVR;
(D) 1999, 1.50 AVR. (Ord. No. 1218, § 3 (part).)