Sec. 24-4-10. City responsibilities.

The responsibilities of the city in implementing and administering this chapter include the following:
(1) Technical Assistance. The city shall be responsible for developing procedures and forms for the submittal of transportation surveys, trip reduction plans, and annual reports. The city shall also be responsible for arranging for trip reduction coordinator training, analyzing employee survey data, and preparing summary reports.
(2) Evaluation of Trip Reduction Plans. The city community development department shall review and approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove a trip reduction plan within forty-five days of receipt. If such action is not taken within the forty-five day time period the plan shall be deemed approved.
(A) Appeal Procedures.
(i) If the city community development department disapproves or conditionally approves a trip reduction plan, the employer may within ten days of such decision, appeal the staff decision to the planning commission stating the grounds for appeal. The fee for appeal of staff decision to the planning commission shall be as prescribed in the city's fee schedule.
(ii) The planning commission shall consider the appeal within thirty days of receipt of appeal, or at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The planning commission may approve, modify, or overrule the action of the community development department. The planning commission may mandate further components, trip reduction techniques, or conditions if it determined that they are needed to achieve the objectives of this chapter.
(iii) Any employer whose trip reduction plan has been rejected or modified by the planning commission may, within ten days of such decision, appeal the decision to the city council. Within thirty days of receipt of appeal, the city council shall approve, modify or overrule the action of the planning commission.
(B) New Plan Upon Disapproval. Within thirty days of disapproval of a trip reduction plan by the community development department, if such decision has not been appealed, an employer shall submit a new plan to the community development department.
(C) Amendment. An amendment to an approved trip reduction plan may be approved at any time by the community development department.
(3) Evaluation of Annual Report. The city shall review and evaluate annual reports submitted by employers every year within forty-five days of receipt. The city shall review the annual report for compliance with the business' trip reduction plan and this chapter. (Ord. No. 1218, § 3 (part).)