Sec. 24-2-10. Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply:
A.M. peak period means 5:00 AM through 10:00 AM Monday through Friday (holidays excluded).
Average vehicle ridership (AVR) means the number of workers commuting to a worksite during A.M. peak period totaled over five consecutive weekdays, divided by the number of vehicles those workers drive, totaled over the same five days. Bicycles, transit vehicles, buses serving several worksites, and cars stopping on route to other worksites shall be excluded from the vehicles counted. For the purpose of calculating AVR, reduced emission vehicles shall be counter per their base vehicle equivalency factor. For the purpose of calculating and reporting AVR, the employer shall select any five consecutive weekdays (Monday through Friday) during the forty-five day period that precedes the annual report deadline.
Base vehicle means any vehicle that is not a California Air Resources Board certified reduced emission vehicle.
Base vehicle equivalence factor means the multiplier provided by the California Air Resources Board that proportionally equates a reduced emission vehicle to a base vehicle in terms of nonmethane organic gas emissions.
Carpool means a private motor vehicle occupied by two to six employees traveling together to their worksite.
Commute alternatives means carpooling, van pooling, transit, bicycling, and/or walking as commute modes.
Employee means any person hired by any employer, including any part-time employee working twenty hours or more weekly, but excluding any independent contractors. Partners, joint ventures, and the like shall be considered as employees for the purpose of calculating the number of employees. Seasonal workers shall be included if they work more than ninety days per year.
Employer means any public or private employer, including the city, who has a permanent worksite in the city. Employer shall not include contractors with no permanent place of business in the city and other businesses with no permanent workplace location.
Major employer means any employer with one hundred or more employees at a worksite.
Minor employer means any employer with twenty-five to ninety-nine employees at a worksite.
Multitenant center means any business park or other commercial, business, or industrial project in which individual businesses combined have twenty-five or more employees and in which there is an on-site manager.
Reduced emission vehicle means a motor vehicle that is certified by the California Air Resources Board as any of the following:
(1) Transitional low emission vehicle (TLEV);
(2) Low emission vehicle (LEV);
(3) Ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV);
(4) Zero emission vehicle (ZEV).
Transit means a vehicle operated on a for-hire, multiple-occupant, shared-ride basis, including but not limited to bus, light rail, heavy rail, shared-ride taxi, and shuttle bus or van.
Trip reduction plan means any reasonable method or approach for providing, supporting, subsidizing, and/or encouraging the use of commute alternatives; including but not limited to matching and placement services for carpools and vanpools, provision of carpool and vanpool vehicles, carpool and vanpool operating subsidies, carpool and vanpool preferential parking location and/or fees, fees for employee parking, provision of and/or placement services for subscription bus, provision of shuttle services, transit fare subsidies, on-site waiting and loading facilities for transit, travel allowances for bicyclists and pedestrians, on-site showers and lockers for bicyclists and pedestrians, guaranteed ride home and guaranteed transportation in emergencies for users of commute alternatives, on-site child care and other service/convenience facilities which lessen the need for a personal vehicle at the place of employment, and telecommuting.
Vanpool means a van occupied by seven to fifteen employees traveling together to their worksite.
Worksite means the place of employment, base of operation, or predominant work location of an employee. It includes all of the employer's buildings or facilities located within the same building or center or that share the same parking facilities. (Ord. No. 1218, § 3 (part).)