Sec. 24-3-20. Major employers.

In addition to subsections (1) and (2) of Section 24-3-10, all major employers (one hundred or more employees) shall also do the following:
(1) Trip Reduction Coordinator. Designate an individual as the workplace trip reduction coordinator who shall be responsible for implementation of the Trip Reduction Ordinance requirements. This individual shall serve as the liaison to the city-designated trip reduction coordinator. The employer's trip reduction coordinator may be located at the worksite or may have responsibility for more than one worksite so long as the trip reduction coordinator visits each worksite on a regular (at least weekly) basis.
(2) Trip Reduction Plan. Prepare and receive approval of a trip reduction plan. The trip reduction plan shall include any reasonable combination of transportation control measures to comply with this chapter. Transportation control measures include but are not limited to the following:
(A) Carpooling.
(i) Carpool and vanpool matching service,
(ii) Providing carpool and vanpool vehicles,
(iii) Carpool and vanpool operating subsidies (fuel, insurance, etc.),
(iv) Carpool/vanpool preferential parking location;
(B) Transit.
(i) Subscription bus service,
(ii) Shuttle bus service,
(iii) Transit fare subsidy,
(iv) Transit stop amenities,
(v) Agreements with local operators for additional service;
(C) Implementation Support.
(i) Parking, showers, and lockers for bicyclists,
(ii) Guaranteed ride home for commute alternative users,
(iii) On-site child care and convenience services and stores that lessen need for personal vehicles at work,
(iv) Posting information about commute alternatives,
(v) Publicity (newsletter articles, flyers, etc.),
(vi) Commute alternatives information centers;
(D) Other Incentives. Employee transportation allowance;
(E) Other Alternatives.
(i) Flextime to allow commute alternatives schedules (e.g., to match transit schedules),
(ii) Compressed work week,
(iii) Telecommuting.
(3) Annual Report. Every employer required to have a trip reduction plan shall submit an annual report to the city community development department by July 1st of every year. The annual report shall describe the actions taken to implement its trip reduction plan, the results during the reporting year and any changes to the trip reduction plan for the coming year. For the purpose of calculating and reporting AVR the employer shall select any five consecutive weekdays (Monday through Friday) during the forty-five day period that precedes the annual report deadline. (Ord. No. 1218, § 3 (part).)