Sec. 23D-8-30. Requirement to eliminate or secure approval for illicit connections.

(a) The public works director may require by written notice that a person responsible for an illicit connection to the storm drain system comply with the requirements of this chapter to eliminate or secure approval for the connection by a specified date, regardless of whether or not the connection or discharges to it had been established or approved prior to the effective date of this chapter. (Ord. No. 1369, § 2 (part).)
(b) If, subsequent to eliminating a connection found to be in violation of this chapter, the responsible person can demonstrate that an illegal discharge will no longer occur, said person may request city approval to reconnect. The reconnection or reinstallation of the connection shall be at the responsible person’s expense. (Ord. No. 1369, § 2 (part).)23D-8-30