Sec. 23D-10-50. Urgency abatement.

The public works director is authorized to require immediate abatement of any violation of this chapter that constitutes an immediate threat to the health, safety or well being of the public. If any such violation is not abated immediately as directed by the public works director, the city is authorized to enter onto private property and to take any and all measures required to remediate the violation. Any expense related to such remediation undertaken by the city shall be fully reimbursed by the property owner and/or whenever necessary to make an inspection to enforce any provision of this chapter, or whenever the public works director has cause to believe that there exists, or potentially exists, in or upon any premises any condition which constitutes a violation of this chapter, the public works director may enter such premises at all reasonable times to inspect the same and to inspect and copy records related to storm water compliance. In the event the owner or occupant refuses entry after a request to enter and inspect has been made, the city is hereby empowered to seek assistance from any court of competent jurisdiction in obtaining such entry. (Ord. No. 1369, § 2 (part).)