Sec. 23C-11-6. Stage four, water crisis.

Water consumers shall comply with the following conservation measures to achieve a fifty percent reduction in normal water use. Each of the stage one, two and three water use regulations shall remain in full force and effect and be mandatory except as modified by this section:
(a) Irrigation of any yard, or other landscaped area containing lawn or turfgrass areas is prohibited, except by handheld bucket.
(b) The introduction of water into swimming pools and spas is prohibited except to maintain the structural integrity of such facilities.
(c) Such other and further regulations as the city council may determine after public hearing.
(d) All pools and spas shall be covered when not in use to reduce evaporative losses unless exemption is granted by the director of public works. (Ord. No. 1202, § 4: Ord. No. 1186, § 1 (part).)