Sec. 23C-11-5. Stage three, water emergency.

Water consumers shall comply with the following conservation measures to achieve a twenty-five percent reduction in normal water use. Each of the stage two water use regulations shall remain in full force and effect and be mandatory except as modified by this section:
(a) Landscape watering shall be allowed on two days per week. The director of public works shall implement this provision through the establishment of an equitable landscape watering schedule to be set forth in the resolution adopted by the city council.
(b) The use of running water from a hose, pipe, or faucet for the purpose of cleaning buildings and paved, tile, wood, plastic or other surfaces is prohibited, except in the event the director of public works, or his designee, determines that such use is the only feasible means of correcting a potential threat to health and safety.
(c) All restaurants that provide table service shall post, in a conspicuous place, a notice of drought conditions, approved by the director of public works, and shall not serve water except upon specific request by the customer.
(d) Boats and vehicles shall be washed only at commercial washing facilities equipped with water recycling equipment or by use of a bucket and hose equipped with a self-closing valve that requires operating positive pressure to activate the flow of water.
(e) Operators of hotels, motels and other commercial establishments offering lodging shall post in each room and site a notice of drought condition, approved by the director of public works.
(f) The operation of and introduction of water into ornamental fountains is prohibited.
(g) Such other and further regulations as the city council may determine, after a public hearing. (Ord. No. 1202, § 3: Ord. No. 1186, § 1 (part).)