Sec. 23C-12-1. Definitions.

The following terms are defined for the purposes of this article:
Approved recycling container means the bucket, bin, box or other container supplied by and/or identified by the city or the authorized recycling contractor or the donor of such recyclable materials as the container into which recyclable materials shall be placed and which shall be located at the curbside (or alley in some cases) for collection by the authorized recycling contractor.
Authorized recycling contractor means a person, firm, partnership, corporation or other entity authorized under and by virtue of a contract with the city to collect recyclable materials within the city limits.
Recyclable material means material such as, but not limited to, newspapers, glass, metal and aluminum cans, plastic bottles, corrugated cardboard and used motor oil which is separated from other waste or refuse for the purpose of recycling.
Recycling means the process of collecting and turning used products into new products by reprocessing or remanufacturing them.
Authorized nonprofit organization means a nonprofit organization authorized by the city to remove specified recyclable materials. (Ord. No. 1208, § 3 (part).)