Sec. 23C-5-1. Storm drainage services.

(a) Charges Established by Ordinance. Storm drainage fees are hereby established for the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, operation, maintenance and repair of the city's storm drainage facilities, in the amounts set forth below. The city council finds that the amount of each fee set forth below is reasonable, fair and equitable and that, in fixing such fees, it has taken into account, among other things, the relative burdens placed on the system and the benefits received therefrom. Those land areas which have run-off characteristics that significantly differ from those established under the following categories will be reviewed on a case by case basis and assigned assessment units (AU) by the director of public works.
(1) Category 1. This category includes single-family residential and small multifamily residential properties up to four units. Each unit in this category is charged the same flat fee of forty-eight cents per month.
(2) Category 2. This category includes multifamily units with more than four units. A monthly flat fee of twenty-six cents per unit is assessed against all units within a complex, except the first four units which are assessed forty-eight cents each. This is done to minimize unfair assessments between fourplex units and small apartment complexes. A per unit fee can be calculated by distributing the total cost for the entire complex to each unit.
(3) Category 3. This category includes all commercial and industrial properties, hospitals and churches. Each property will be assessed three dollars and seventy-seven cents per acre.
(4) Category 4. This category includes public schools. Each property will be assessed two dollars and ninety-six cents per acre.
(5) Category 5. This category includes open space, undeveloped land and agriculture. These properties will not be charged a user fee since storm runoff is expected to be minimal for these classes of land use.
(b) Limited Use of Revenues. The revenues raised by payment of the storm drainage services and facilities fees shall be used solely for the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, operation, maintenance and repair of storm drainage facilities. (Ord. No. 1242, § 2.)