Secs. 23C-6-13 to 23C-6-14. Repealed by Ordinance No. 1272, § 1.Sec. 23C-6-15. Enforcement.

(a) City Personnel Responsible for Enforcement. The engineer is hereby charged with the enforcement of all provisions of this chapter, except collection, subject to the control and direction of the city manager.
(b) Disconnection for Violations. In the event of a violation of any of the provisions of this article, or any rule or regulation established thereunder, or any condition of any permit issued pursuant to this article by the engineer, the engineer shall notify in writing the person causing, allowing or permitting such violation, specify the violation and if applicable, the time after which (upon the failure of such person to prevent or rectify the violation) the engineer shall have authority to disconnect, or will disconnect, the user from the water system and/or the sewage system service, provided that such time shall not be less than three days after the mailing of notice in writing to the user so in violation. The engineer may disconnect any user from the sewage system and/or water system who continues such violation after the time stated in the notice. Nothing in this section will prevent the engineer from discontinuing any user in case of emergency, or when discharges present an imminent or substantial endangerment to the health or welfare of persons, to the environment, causes interference to the sewage treatment plant or causes the city to violate any condition of its NPDES permit.
(c) Disconnection Caused by Delinquent Payment. Whenever premises have been disconnected from either the water system or sewage system for the nonpayment of sewer service charges, such premises shall not be reconnected to either the water system or the sewer system until such charges have been paid together with charges for disconnection and reconnection.
(d) Public Nuisance. Discharge of waste in violation of this article or of any order issued by the engineer is hereby declared a public nuisance and shall be corrected or abated as directed by the engineer.
(e) Damage to Facilities. When a discharge of waste causes an obstruction, damage, or any other impairment to city facilities, the city may assess a charge against the user, property owner, or person violating this article, for the work required to clean or repair the facility and add such charge to the user's sewer service charge.
(f) Correction of Violations; Collection of Costs Injunction. In order to enforce the provisions of this article, the city may correct any violation hereof. The cost of such correction, including attorney's fees, may be added to any sewer service charge payable by the person violating the article of the property upon which the violation occurred, and the city shall have such remedies for the collection of such costs as it has for the collection of sewer service charges. The city may also petition the Superior Court for the issuance of a preliminary or permanent injunction or both, as may be appropriate, restraining any person from the continued violation of this article.
(g) Civil Liabilities and Penalties. Any person who intentionally or negligently violates any provision of this article, requirements, or conditions set forth in permits duly issued, or who discharges waste which causes pollution, or exceeds effluent limitations, national standards of performance, pretreatment or toxicity standards, shall be liable civilly to liabilities imposed by the city against which the violation occurs. Said civil liability may be in the sum of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than ten thousand dollars for each day in which such violation occurs or continues. The city may petition the Superior Court to enforce and recover such sums. In determining such amount, the city shall take into consideration all relevant circumstances, including but not limited to the extent of harm caused by the violation, the nature and persistence of the violation, the length of time over which the violation occurs, corrective action, if any, and fines and penalties imposed on city by other agencies.
(h) Falsifying of Information. No person shall knowingly make any false statement, representation, record, report, plan or other document filed with, or to be filed with or taken by the city. (Ord. No. 1031, § 1.)