Sec. 23C-6-6. All costs paid by owner.

All costs and expense incident to the construction, installation and connection of the building shall be borne by the owner. Upon request of the owner, the city may agree to install, using city personnel, a sewer service lateral connecting the owner's premises to the city sewers. A schedule of the fees charged for such work shall be established by resolution by the city council, said fees not to exceed a reasonable estimate of the actual costs incurred by the city. The acceptance of any permit shall constitute an agreement by the contractor to comply with the provisions, terms, and requirements of this chapter and other ordinances, rules and regulations of the city. The owner and contractor shall indemnify the city from any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly be occasioned by the installation of the building sewer including the negligent or unlawful act of any person installing or maintaining the building sewer. (Ord. No. 952, § 2; Ord. No. 1193, § 4(a).)