Sec. 23C-6-12. Sewer service rates.

(a) Charges Established by Resolution. The city council shall fix by resolution the rates for the use of the city sewer system. The resolution, among other things, may take into account water consumption and may classify or define various kinds of sewage in accordance with the relative effects upon the operation of the sewerage system, and provide for varying charges in accordance with the relative difficulty or cost to the city of acceptance in treatment thereof. Users inside the city limits may be charged different rates than users outside of the city limits so long as such rates are reasonable. The failure to pay any charge established by resolution adopted pursuant to this chapter, or by this chapter, shall constitute violation of the provisions of this chapter.
(b) Wastewater Volume Determination. When charges and fees are based upon water usage, the total amount of water used from all sources will be used to determine the charges and fees unless, in the opinion of the city, significant portions of water received are not discharged into the sewage system. The total amount of water used from public and private sources will be determined by means of a meter. The city may require the user to install a sewer meter of a type and at a location approved by the city to measure the amount of sewage discharged if city believes user is discharging sewage in excess of the amounts indicated by the water meter. (Ord. No. 952, § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1031, § 1 (part).)