Sec. 23C-7-10. Prohibited acts.

(a) Connections Without Permit or Safeguards Prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to attach or cause attachment of a service pipe to a city water main, fire hydrant, or the like, or to allow attachment of another service pipe to one's own city authorized service pipe without first obtaining permission to do so from the city engineer or his designated representative, and no connection shall be made between the city water system and any part of a sewer system without first providing the safeguards required by the State Health Code.
(b) Use of Pipe or Hydrant Following Shutoff Prohibited. Whenever, for any cause, the city engineer or his designated representative shall shut off any hydrant or pipe carrying or discharging water from the works of the city, it shall be unlawful for any person to open such hydrant, or pipe or to turn on or use any water from such hydrant or water pipe without first obtaining written permission from the city engineer or his designated representative.
(c) Obstructing Access to Water Facilities Prohibited. No person shall place upon or about any fire hydrant, water gate, or curb-stock or stopcock connected with the city's water system, any building material or other obstruction that prevents free access to same.
(d) The city has adopted an urban water management plan pursuant to state law, a purpose of which is to actively pursue the conservation and efficient use of water. To implement said plan, the following regulations shall apply:
(1) Definitions.
(i) Conservation shall mean those measures that limit the amount of water used to that which is reasonably necessary for the beneficial use to be served.
(ii) Efficient use shall mean those management measures that result in the most effective use of water so as to prevent its waste or unreasonable use or unreasonable method of use.
(2) Upon a determination of failure of conservation or efficient use resulting in water waste, the public works director or his designated representative, shall issue a notice to the person committing said waste to cease such water waste. Should said person fail to appeal from the notice as set forth in subsection (d)(3) hereof, or fail to cease committing such water waste within ten days of receipt of the notice, the public works director is authorized to take one or more of the following actions:
(i) Install a water meter at such person's premises at that person's expense;
(ii) Install a flow-restriction device at such person's premises at that person's expense;
(iii) Install or require the installation of any other water conservation device, at such person's premise, at that person's expense, as deemed appropriate by resolution of the city council.
(3) Any person receiving notice as set forth above shall have the right to appeal such notice to the public works director, by filing written notice of appeal with the city clerk within ten days of receipt of such notice. Upon receipt of a notice of appeal a hearing will be scheduled within twenty days of the filing of the notice of appeal.
(4) Violations.
(i) Any person, business entity or corporation violating, causing or permitting the violation of any provisions of this section shall be guilty of an infraction. Upon conviction of a first offense, such person, entity or corporation shall pay a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars. Upon conviction of any subsequent offense, a fine of not less than fifty dollars shall be imposed.
(ii) Any building, or portion thereof, erected so as to cause any violation of this section is hereby declared to be a nuisance and the city attorney shall be authorized to commence action for abatement of said nuisance. This remedy shall be cumulative to any other remedies set forth in this section or under any other law. (Ord. No. 952, § 2; Ord. No. 1113, § 2.)