Sec. 23C-8-6. Administration.

(a) Administration of the provisions of this article will be performed by the city engineer or his authorized representative, and his duties shall include:
(1) To review and examine all applications for permits and to approve, deny, or approve with conditions such permits;
(2) To file petitions with the city council to revoke permits;
(3) To investigate pollution and public nuisances regarding wells and to recommend institution of abatement proceedings;
(4) To inspect, examine and monitor the projects and activities regulated by this article;
(5) To maintain records of construction, inspections, and all other activities regulated by this article.
(b) The duties of the chief building inspector shall include:
(1) Receiving applications for permits required by this article;
(2) Issuing permits as approved by the city engineer;
(3) Inspecting construction, reconstruction, repairs, abandonment, or change in use or operations of wells and water-wells. (Ord. No. 1113, § 3 (part).)