Sec. 23C-8-5. Standards and regulations.

(a) All wells shall be constructed, reconstructed, repaired, maintained, abandoned or changed in use only in accordance with the standards and regulations set forth in this article.
(b) Wells left unattended or awaiting reconstruction, repair or abandonment shall be temporarily capped to prevent the inflow of surface materials or access from the surface.
(c) In addition to the standards and regulations of this article, all wells shall be in compliance with all other state and county regulations.
(d) The construction, alteration, repair or destruction of wells shall be performed by contractors properly licensed by the state of California.
(e) Test wells, test holes or test boring that are not converted to permanent wells shall be sealed or abandoned with puddled clay or cement grout as soon as they have served their purpose.
(f) Observation wells shall be completed with screenings, casing, seals, etc., as required of permanent wells. (Ord. No. 1113, § 3 (part).)