Sec. 23C-8-2. Definitions.

(a) “Well” and “water well” means any artificial excavation constructed by any method for the purpose of extracting water from, or injecting water into, the underground.
(b) “Recharge or injection well” means a well constructed to introduce water into the ground as a means of replenishing ground water basins or disposing of wastewater or other fluids.
(c) “Air-conditioning well” means a well constructed or used to return to the ground, water which has been used as a coolant or heating agent in any air-conditioning process.
(d) “Observation and monitoring well” means a well constructed for the purpose of observing or monitoring ground water.
(e) “Test well” means a well constructed for obtaining the information needed to design a well prior to its construction. Test wells are cased and can be converted to observation or monitoring wells and, under certain circumstances, to production wells.
(f) “Inactive or standby well” means a well not routinely operating but capable of being made operable with a minimum of effort. (Ord. No. 1113, § 3 (part).)