Sec. 23C-1-49. Wet garbage.

“Wet garbage” means all clean garbage suitable for food for hogs, coming from restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, hospitals, hotels, boarding houses, clubs and all other eating places in the city, and from butcher shops and dealers in fresh vegetables, and consists of and includes only kitchen and table refuse, offal, and swill, and every accumulation of animal and vegetable scraps, refuse or waste, and other matter that attends the preparation, consumption, decay, or dealing in, or storage of, meats, fish, fowl, birds, fruits or vegetables; provided, however, that this definition is not intended to nor does it include the by-products of butcher shops where such by-products have a commercial value and are not decomposed nor offensive, and where such by-products have not been rejected by the owners or producers thereof as offensive or useless. (Ord. No. 1038, § 1 (part).)