Sec. 23C-4-7. Conveyances for garbage and refuse.

(a) Construction of Vehicles. No garbage, wet garbage, rubbish, refuse, or yard refuse, shall be removed and carried on and along the streets and alleys of the city except when carried, conveyed, or hauled in conveyances constructed so as to absolutely and completely prevent the blowing, falling, dropping, dripping, or spilling of the same.
(b) Maintenance and Identification of Vehicles. Every truck used by a contract agent in the collection or removal of garbage, wet garbage, rubbish, refuse or yard refuse shall meet the standards of the California Department of Industrial Relations (CAL OSHA) and the Department of Motor Vehicles and shall be kept well painted, clean inside and out, and in a prominent place on each truck there shall be displayed an identifying vehicle number and a sign which identifies the contract agent.
(c) Transporting Wet Garbage. No wet garbage shall be removed and carried on or along any street or alley or private property of the city except when transported in watertight containers with proper covers so that the garbage shall not be offensive. Every such container shall be kept clean, and the wet garbage shall be loaded so that none of it shall fall, drip or spill. (Ord. No. 1038, § 3 (part).)