Sec. 23C-4-6. Receptacles.

(a) Receptacles Required. It is unlawful for any person to keep, accumulate or permit or suffer to be accumulated, any garbage, wet garbage, rubbish, refuse or yard refuse, except yard refuse placed in public rights of way as provided hereinafter, upon any lot or parcel of land, or on any public or private lanes, place, street, alley or drive, unless the same shall be in receptacles approved by the city sanitation officer. Such receptacles shall be kept closed or covered at all times except when necessary to place garbage, wet garbage, rubbish, refuse or yard refuse therein or to take the same therefrom. Receptacles used for collection shall not exceed thirty-two gallons in size.
(b) Receptacles for Wet Garbage. Every accumulator of wet garbage shall provide or cause to be provided, and at all times shall keep or cause to be kept, separate containers approved by the city sanitation officer for holding wet garbage. Each container shall be constructed of galvanized metal or thick plastic, not contain more than thirty-two gallons, have handles and a tight fitting cover, be watertight, be clean and be covered except when necessary to place wet garbage therein or to take wet garbage therefrom.
(c) Cleaning Receptacles. All garbage, wet garbage, rubbish, or refuse receptacles shall be maintained in a neat and sanitary condition at all times by the owner or person in control or having charge of such receptacles.
(d) Collection from Receptacles. The contents of receptacles for garbage, industrial waste, rubbish, refuse and wet garbage shall be collected from all premises in the city, except as otherwise excepted in this chapter, and the owner or occupant of such premises shall make such receptacles reasonably accessible on the premises outside of any building, garage, or locked enclosure or at such location as may be determined by the city sanitation officer. Collection shall be accomplished quickly, quietly and courteously and all collection receptacles and lids or covers for the same shall be replaced on the premises from which they were removed; with receptacles in an upright position and within five feet of where they were originally placed before collection, but not in any driveway. Collection of the contents of such receptacles in residential areas and in commercial and industrial zones adjacent to residential areas shall be made only after 6:00 A.M. and before 6:00 P.M. of each day. (Ord. No. 1038, § 3 (part).)