Sec. 23C-4-12. Garbage and yard refuse rate schedules.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 66757(b), the city council shall fix rates for collection of garbage, wet garbage, rubbish, refuse, yard refuse and street sweepings. Such rates may be reviewed by the city council from time to time and the council may classify or define various kinds of garbage, wet garbage, rubbish, refuse, or yard refuse in accordance with their relative effects upon the operation of the service and, among other things, the city council may take into account the frequency of pickup and quantity of material pickup and provide for varying charges in accordance with the relative difficulty or cost of collection, transportation, and disposal thereof; provided, that all rules, fees, charges, or regulations set forth in such resolution are reasonable and apply to the same subjects uniformly. (Ord. No. 1038, § 3 (part); Ord. No. 1114, (part).)