Sec. 23-87. Purpose.

The purpose of the Woodland visitor attraction district is to increase visitors to the district, thereby directly benefiting all hotels within the district. The visitor attraction district will increase the desirability of holding conferences and other events in the city increasing the long-term viability of the visitor attraction district. The authorized uses to which the revenue proceeds shall be put are as follows:
(1) General promotion of business activities and visitor-oriented programs within the visitor attraction district, including the development of program materials, visitor guides, and the creation of linkages with event sponsors to support additional conferences and events;
(2) Promotion of and participation in conferences, activities, and public events which are to take place on or in public places within the visitor attraction district;
(3) Furnishing of music in any public place within the visitor attraction district; and
(4) Decoration of any public place within the visitor attraction district. (Ord. No. 1404, § 4 (part).)