Sec. 21-9-4. Information to be contained on final map and parcel map.

The following information shall be contained on all final and parcel maps:
(1) The title, showing the tract number or parcel map number and the designation of the latest legal subdivision of which it is a part together with a reference to the legal record of such subdivision shall appear on each sheet of the final map or parcel map.
(2) The statement of the engineer or surveyor responsible for the survey and final map or parcel map, containing the information required by Section 66441 of the Subdivision Map Act, shall appear on the title sheet of the final map or parcel map.
(3) The lots on the final map shall be numbered consecutively commencing with the number "one" with no omissions or duplications. Where the subdivision is a continuation of or an addition to an existing subdivision, the lot number shall commence with the number immediately following the last or highest lot number of such existing subdivision and in all other respects shall conform to the preceding requirements. The last lot number shall be circled. Flood control channels and ponding areas to be offered for dedication are to be designated. All other areas, other than streets and alleys, which are to be offered in whole for dedication on the map or subsequent to recordation of the map and which do not meet zoning requirements as to size and shape, are to be designated as "parcels" and consecutively numbered or lettered. The parcels on the parcel map shall be designated with consecutive numbers or letters.
(4) The exterior boundary line of a subdivision shall be shown on final maps and parcel maps by a distinctive symbol and clearly designated.
(5) Final maps and parcel maps shall show the bearing and distance of the center line of all streets, arc length, radius and central angle of all curves; the bearings of radial lines to each lot corner on a curve; the total width of each street, the width of the portion offered for dedication, the width of the existing rights-of-way and the width each side of the center line; the width of rights-of-way of railroads, flood control or drainage channels and any other easements appearing on the map and shall comply with the provisions of Sections 66434 and 66448 of the Subdivision Map Act.
(6) Sufficient data shall be shown to determine readily the bearing and length of each lot line of the final map or parcel map. Each lot or parcel shall be shown entirely on one sheet. The gross area of all lots or parcels over one gross acre or more, to the nearest one-hundredth of an acre shall be noted. Distances and bearings on the sidelines of the lot which are cut by an easement shall be so shown as to indicate clearly the actual length of the lot or parcel lines. No lot in a subdivision shall be divided by the boundary line of a city, county, or special district.
(7) The location on the final map or parcel map of all existing or proposed easements (including, but not limited to, easements for public utilities, tree planting and maintenance, private sewers and television cables) which are to remain after recordation and which are not within streets in the subdivision shall be shown by means of broken lines, together with the name of the vestee, the use of the easement and the record reference, if any.
(8) On lots or parcels, the widths of easements, the lengths and bearings of the lines thereof and sufficient ties to locate the easements shall be clearly labeled and identified on the final map or parcel map.
(9) The owner’s statement on the final map or parcel map shall indicate the easements and/or rights-of-way being offered for dedication.
(10) At the time of making the survey of the final map or parcel map, the engineer or surveyor shall set sufficient durable monuments to conform to the standards described in Section 8771 of the Business and Professions Code so that another engineer or surveyor may readily retrace the survey. The exterior boundary of the land being subdivided shall be adequately monumented or referenced before the map is recorded. The interior monuments shall be set within one year following acceptance of the subdivision improvements by the city council. The monuments shall be set as follows:
(A) Exterior boundary monuments shall be set at or near each boundary corner and at intermediate points approximately one thousand feet apart, or at such lesser distances as may be necessary by topography to ensure accuracy in re-establishment of any point or line without unreasonable difficulty;
(B) Centerline monuments shall be placed at all street centerline intersections, at the radii of all standard cul-de-sacs, and any intermediate points necessary for maintaining line-of-sight from one monument to the next;
(C) Corner monuments shall be set at or near each lot corner.
All exterior boundary monuments shall be constructed as required in the "Standard Specifications and Details," as amended from time to time, at locations designated by the city engineer. If the monuments are to be set following the submission of the final map to the city engineer for his statement, a bond meeting the requirements set forth in Sections 66441 and 66496 of the Subdivision Map Act shall be filed. In determining the amount of the bond, the city engineer shall make the necessary estimate of the cost to set monuments not already existing.
(11) Whenever the city engineer has established a center line of a street or alley, the data shall be considered in making the surveys and in preparing the final map or parcel map. All monuments found shall be indicated and proper references made to filed maps of public record relating to the monuments. If the points were reset by ties, that fact shall be stated.
(12) The final or parcel map shall contain the location and names, without abbreviations, of all existing and proposed streets and alleys and adjoining streets.
(13) The ties to or names of all adjacent subdivisions shall be noted. The ties to any city or county boundary lines shall also be noted.
(14) Reference to all maps previously recorded relative to the property shall be noted.
(15) City engineer statement as required by Section 21-9-8.
(16) All other statements required by the Subdivision Map Act shall be included.
(17) Additional information as required by the city engineer to be filed with the city or recorded with the county simultaneously with a final or parcel map pursuant to Section 66434.2 of the Subdivision Map Act. The additional information shall be in the form of a separate document or an additional map sheet which shall indicate its relationship to the final or parcel map, and shall contain a statement that the additional information is for informational purposes, describing conditions as of the date of filing and is not intended to affect record title interest. The document or additional map sheet may also contain a notation that the additional information is derived from public records or reports and does not imply the correctness or sufficiency of those records or reports by the preparer of the document or additional map sheet. Additional survey and map information may include, but need not be limited to building setback lines, flood hazard zones, seismic lines and setbacks, geologic mapping, and archaeological sites. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)