Sec. 21-7-1. Expiration and extension of tentative map approval.

(a) Expiration. The approval or conditional approval of a tentative map shall expire thirty-six months from the date the map was approved or conditionally approved. Failure to file a final map or parcel map in compliance with Article 9 of this chapter with the city engineer within such period shall terminate all proceedings, and any subdivision of the same land shall require the filing and processing of a new tentative map.
(b) Extension. The subdivider may request an extension of the tentative map approval or conditional approval by written application to the planning commission; such application to be filed with the community development department at least thirty days before the approval or conditional approval is due to expire. The application shall state the reasons for requesting the extension and shall be accompanied by such fees as set by resolution of the city council as amended from time to time. The planning commission may deny the request or grant an extension with the existing conditions of approval.
(c) Any extension or extensions of a tentative map approval or conditional approval granted by the planning commission shall not exceed an aggregate of sixty months. Modification of a tentative map after approval or conditional approval shall not extend the time limits imposed by this section. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)