Sec. 21-6-3. Tentative map amendments.

(a) Prior to the public hearing on a tentative map, the subdivider may amend the application. This amendment shall occur prior to the hearing being advertised unless the community development director determines the amendment is minor and will not significantly change the nature or character of the application. If the community development director determines that the amendment is major, a new notice of hearing shall be given in the manner and for the time specified in Section 21-6-2 as appropriate, and the subdivider shall pay the cost to readvertise.
(b) Following approval of a tentative map, the community development director may, upon payment of fees, specified therefor by resolution of the city council, grant requests for minor amendments of the tentative map which do not increase the total number of lots or significantly alter the configuration of proposed lots in the subdivision. Before granting any minor amendment request, the community development director shall make a written finding, with a statement of reasons in support thereof, that the proposed amendment could not reasonably be expected to change any of the findings previously adopted by the planning commission at the time of its approval of the tentative map.
(c) Requests for major amendments of approved tentative maps shall be processed in the manner provided in this chapter, and for the fee required, for the initial processing of tentative maps for such subdivisions.
(d) Any interested person may file with the community development department a written request for notification of any proposed modification of a particular approved tentative map. At least five days prior to the granting of any request to modify an approved tentative map, copies of the proposed modification shall be provided to all persons who have filed notification requests pursuant to this section. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)