Sec. 21-4-4. Design and improvements information to be contained on tentative maps.

Each tentative map application shall contain the following design and improvement information unless waived by the community development director:
(1) The location, center line radius of curves, pavement and right-of-way width, and name of all proposed streets. Typical sections of all streets shall be shown. Proposed private streets shall be clearly indicated;
(2) The location and radius of all curb returns and cul-de-sacs;
(3) The locations, width and purpose of all easements;
(4) The angle of intersecting streets if such angle deviates from a right angle by more than four degrees;
(5) The approximate lot layout and the approximate dimensions of each lot and each building site. Engineering data shall show the approximate pad grade of each perimeter lot, the top and toe of perimeter cut and fill slopes, the number of each lot, and the elevation of adjacent parcels;
(6) The location and size of existing sanitary sewers, fire hydrants, water mains and storm drains. Proposed slopes and approximate elevations of sanitary sewers shall be indicated. The proposed routing of stormwater runoff generated by a one hundred year flood shall also be indicated;
(7) A statement as to the intent of the subdivider in regard to slope planting and erosion control; and
(8) The size and location of any storm drain detention ponds. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)