Sec. 21-4-3. General information to be contained on tentative maps.

Each tentative map application shall contain the following general information unless waived by the community development director:
(1) A vicinity or area map of one inch equals five hundred feet showing the major existing circulation pattern, and all proposed major streets, all watercourses, irrigation and drainage channels within a reasonable distance of the exterior boundaries of the subdivision;
(2) The following shall be located in or near the lower right-hand corner of the first sheet:
(A) Subdivision or parcel map number,
(B) Name and address of subdivider,
(C) Name and address of owner(s),
(D) North point and scale of map,
(E) Name and address of person preparing the map,
(F) Date map was prepared,
(G) Total number of lots and gross acreage,
(H) Existing and proposed easements;
(3) All boundary lines of the subdivision with approximate bearings and distances;
(4) The location of each lot and its relation to surrounding surveys. The location of any remainder of the original parcel shall be shown by reference to the existing record boundaries of such remainder if such remainder has an area of five acres or more;
(5) All structures, wells, prominent features and land uses within the subdivision and indication of which are to remain and which are to be removed. The map shall clearly indicate the dimensions to the property line of any structures that are to remain; (6) The approximate location and direction of flow of all watercourses, irrigation and drainage channels. The map shall include overland release points necessary to drain the one hundred-year storm event;
(7) The location and width of all pavement and rights-of-way and names of existing streets or highways;
(8) The widths, locations and purposes of all existing easements;
(9) The location and size of existing sanitary sewers, fire hydrants, water mains and storm drains. The location of existing overhead utility lines on peripheral streets shall be indicated;
(10) Any significant adjacent topography features which can materially affect the design of the subdivision. If features are not shown, contour intervals shall be one foot;
(11) Individual lot lines and approximate dimensions and the number of each lot. Each lot and its dimensions shall be shown on one sheet of the map;
(12) The proposed uses of all lots (i.e., single-family, multiple-family, commercial, industrial, school, park or other);
(13) The location and species of all existing trees that are five inches or greater in diameter. It shall also indicate whether the trees will be retained or whether they are proposed for removal; and
(14) Information as to whether the property is in a flood plain, the type of flood plain and whether the property is in a deep flood plain as indicated in the general plan. It shall indicate a base flood elevation and site elevations in a display. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)