Sec. 21-3-6. Designated remainder.

(a) The subdivider may designate as a remainder that portion of land which is not divided for the purpose of sale, lease or financing. The designated remainder shall not be counted as a parcel for the purpose of determining whether a parcel or final map is required. For such a designated remainder parcel, the fulfillment of construction requirements for improvements shall not be required until a permit or other approval for development of the remainder parcel is issued by the city or in fulfillment of an agreement between the city and the subdivider. In the absence of that agreement, the city may require fulfillment of the construction requirements within a reasonable time following approval of the final map and prior to the issuance of a permit or other grant of approval for the development of a remainder parcel upon a finding by the city engineer that fulfillment of the construction requirement is necessary for one of the following reasons:
(1) The public health and safety;
(2) The required construction is a necessary prerequisite to the orderly development of the surrounding area.
(b) A designated remainder may subsequently be sold without any further requirement of the filing of a parcel map or a final map, but the city may require a certificate of compliance or conditional certificate of compliance. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)