Sec. 21-20-3. Map waiver where tenants purchase mobile home park.

(a) When at least two-thirds of the owners of mobile homes who are tenants in a rental park sign a petition indicating their intent to purchase the park for the purpose of converting it to resident ownership, and a field survey has been performed, the requirement for a parcel map or tentative and final map shall be waived unless any of the following conditions exist:
(1) There are design or improvement requirements necessitated by significant health or safety concerns.
(2) The city determines there is an exterior boundary discrepancy that requires recordation of a new parcel or tentative and final map.
(3) The existing parcels which exist prior to the proposed conversion were not created by a recorded parcel or final map.
(4) The conversion would result in the creation of more subdivided interests than the number of tenant lots or spaces that exist prior to conversion.
(b) The city is required to determine whether the waiver application is complete within thirty days and approve or deny the application within fifty days thereafter.
(c) If a tentative subdivision or parcel map is required, no off-site design or improvement requirements shall be imposed except where necessary to mitigate an existing health or safety condition. No other dedications, improvements or in-lieu fees shall be required. Any conditions imposed to mitigate a health or safety concern shall not have the effect of reducing the number, or changing the location, of existing mobile home spaces. For any imposed requirements, the applicant and the city shall enter into an unsecured improvement agreement. The applicant shall have a period of one year from the date the agreement is executed to complete said improvements. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)