Sec. 21-20-1. Mobile home park conversion to another use.

(a) Impact Report--Required. At the time of filing a tentative subdivision or parcel map for a subdivision to be created from the conversion of a mobile home park to another use, the subdivider shall also file a report with the city on the impact of the conversion upon the displaced residents of the mobile home park to be converted. In determining the impact of the conversion on displaced mobile home park residents, the report shall address the availability of adequate replacement space in mobile home parks.
(b) Impact Report--Copies to Residents. The subdivider shall make a copy of the report available to each resident of the mobile home park at least fifteen days prior to the hearing on the map by the planning commission.
(c) Adverse Impact Mitigation. The planning commission may require the subdivider to take steps to mitigate any adverse impact of the conversion on the ability of displaced mobile home park residents to find adequate space in a mobile home park. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)