Sec. 21-19-3. Application.

(a) An application for a merger pursuant to this article shall be filed with the community development director and shall include the following information, materials and documents:
(1) Drawings specifying the location of the existing lots, the proposed merger and the boundaries and dimensions of the proposed new lot.
(2) A legal description satisfactory to the community development director.
(3) A title report issued within three months of the date of the submission of the merger application.
(4) Such additional information as the community development director may require considering the magnitude of the adjustment; its relation to existing buildings, structures and landscaping; the present use and zoning of the property; location and extent of public improvements; its relation to adopted plans for the area; and compliance with the Subdivision Map Act or other titles and plans of the city.
(b) The application shall be accompanied by a filing fee. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)