Sec. 21-17-1. Map requirements.

For the purposes of this article, subdivisions that include a condominium project, as defined in Civil Code Sections 783 and 1351(f), a community apartment project, defined in Civil Code Section 1351(d), or a stock cooperative project as defined in Civil Code Section 1351(m), shall be subject to the requirements of this chapter for tentative subdivision and final maps. Maps of such projects need not show the buildings or the manner in which the buildings or the airspace above the property shown on the map are to be divided, nor need individual parcels front on a dedicated and accepted county road, city street, or state highway as required by Section 21-5-2; provided, however, that each unit has access over an area of common ownership to the required dedicated and accepted thoroughfare. Fees for condominium maps shall be in accordance with the city fee schedule as adopted and revised by the city council from time to time. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)