Sec. 21-12-4. Determination of land or fee.

If the proposed subdivision contains fifty or fewer parcels, the subdivider shall pay an in-lieu fee in the amount specified in this chapter. If the proposed subdivision contains fifty-one parcels or more, the city has the discretion of accepting land dedication, an in-lieu fee or a combination of both. Whether the city accepts land dedication or the payment of an in-lieu fee, or a combination of both, shall be determined by the consideration of the following by the city:
(1) The natural features, access and location of land in subdivision available for dedication;
(2) The size and shape of the subdivision and land available for dedication;
(3) The feasibility of dedication;
(4) The compatibility of dedication with the park master plan;
(5) The location of existing and proposed park sites and trailways. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)