Sec. 21-11-26. Certificate for dedications.

(a) When property is dedicated to the city in fee for public purposes, or for making public improvements or constructing public facilities, other than for open space, parks, or schools, the city shall record a certificate with the county recorder. The certificate shall be attached to the map and shall contain all of the information specified in Section 66477.5 of the Subdivision Map Act.
(b) The subdivider may request that the city make the determination that the same public purpose for which the dedication was required still exists, after payment of a fee that shall not exceed the amount required to make that determination. If the city determines that the same public purpose for which the dedication was required does not exist, it shall reconvey the property to the subdivider or the successor in interest, except for all or any portion of the property that is required for that same public purpose or for public utilities. If the city decides to vacate, lease, sell or otherwise dispose of the dedicated property, the city shall give at least sixty days’ notice to the subdivider whose name appears on the certificate before vacating, leasing, selling or otherwise disposing of the dedicated property. This notice is not required if the dedicated property will be used for the same public purpose for which it was dedicated. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)