Sec. 21-11-18. Underground utilities.

Except as otherwise provided in this code, all utility facilities including, but not limited to, electric lines, communication lines, cable television lines, street lighting, power supply lines, fire alarm circuits, and appurtenances thereto, shall be placed underground and all facilities including service laterals shall be installed in the ground prior to the paving of streets. The city engineer may authorize installation of utility facilities after street improvements are installed if the installation will not require reconstruction or repair of the street improvements or if unusual circumstances warrant. All necessary arrangements for the installation of utilities shall be made with the operator of each proposed subdivision utility system pursuant to this section, by the subdivider. At the time of approval of the tentative map, or extensions thereof, the planning commission may modify this requirement for all or part of a subdivision where, due to physical conditions, it would cause unreasonable hardship. This section shall not apply to utility lines which do not provide service to the area being subdivided. (Ord. No. 1500, § 3 (part).)