Sec. 20A-1-90. Development projects--Tree plan.

An application for a development project shall be accompanied by a tree plan containing the following information:
(1) Contour map showing the location, size, species and condition of all existing trees which are located upon the property proposed for development;
(2) Identification of those trees which the applicant proposes to preserve and those which are proposed to be removed and the reason for such removal;
(3) A program for the preservation of street trees, heritage, specimen, landmark trees and trees with aesthetic value (trees with a nine-inch diameter or larger, measured fifty-four inches above the ground, in healthy condition) during and after completion of the development project, as required in the city standard specifications, engineering design standards, Section 8, grading and erosion control;
(4) A program for the replacement of any trees proposed to be removed, as required by Section 20A-1-100;
(5) Any change in the trees to be saved and/or removed as designated on the approved development plan shall only be permitted upon the written approval of the director. (Ord. No. 1230, § 4 (part); Ord. No. 1300, § 4 (part).)