Sec. 20A-1-70. Tree permit.

(a) The director of public works shall issue tree permits to a fronting property owner seeking to perform any activity for which a tree permit is required by this chapter only if the following conditions are met:
(1) The owner has established, to the director'ssatisfaction, that there is a need for the proposedwork on the street tree but that the city is unable to do the work within the time frame desired by the owner; and
(2) The owner has established, to the director's satisfaction, that the persons who are to perform the work are qualified to do so; and
(3) The director, in his sole discretion, has determined that any potential detriment to the tree population entailed by the proposed work, is justified in the individual case. In making this determination, the director shall consider factors such as the probability that the proposed work will destroy or seriously injure the street tree, the street tree's health, the desirability of that species as a street tree, whether the street tree's condition and the size threaten serious damage to property, the condition and number of other street trees in the vicinity, whether there are other less onerous means to accomplish the applicant's goals, and other related criteria.
(b) All work performed on street trees pursuant to a tree permit issued by the director under this section shall be completed within a sixty-day period from the issuance of the tree permit, or within such longer period as the director shall specify.
(c) The director may condition any tree permit granted pursuant to this section for the removal of a tree, on the permittee removing and, where the director determines it to be appropriate, replacing the street tree. In such cases, the full cost of removal and replacement shall be borne by the owner and such service shall not be provided by the city.
(d) The director may condition any tree permit granted pursuant to this section on other conditions as the director determines to be necessary.
(e) The provisions of Section 20A-1-70 shall apply whenever an owner seeks a tree permit to remove or trim a street tree to facilitate moving any building or other structure. (Ord. No. 1230, § 4 (part); Ord. No. 1300, § 4 (part).)